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Now you can listen to regularly scheduled podcasts of The Dalai Lama from Brooklyn. Avery discusses issues such as how to gain wealth, maintain health, the laws of attraction and how to deal with grief.

Avery Kanfer
Intuitive Counselor/Healer

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In each issue of my Newsletter I will write articles on how you can Create by Thought and thereby achieve better health, make more money, develop your ideal career and much more. Learn how you can use Create by Thought to gain control of your life.

I will update my seminar dates, public speaking engagements and radio show schedule.

You will also be able to ask questions and have your answers appear in the newsletter.

Avery maintains a successful healing practice in Rockville, MD, where he holds private sessions for individuals and families. Because of his intuitive gifts, he is able to tap into the core of the problem for expedient results. The effect of his healing energies for physical and emotional illnesses have been profound.

He teaches that you "Create by Thought" and based on an individual's belief system, you can manifest your own environment with negative or positive vibrations.

"Avery has the wonderful gift of being a conduit of powerful, healing energies. I have become extremely sensitive to energy moving through my body, as well as discovering an ability to become a healer in my own right."

T.F., Social Worker

Avery has lectured at colleges, psychological institutions, pain groups, and continuing educational schools, and has been seen on television and heard on radio in New York, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, California and the New England states.

His workshops include topics such as: Fear, Healing, Techniques for Health Care Professionals, Create by Thought and many more.

You can now purchase The Black Book on Personal Finance: The Wealth-Creation Secrets of the World's Saviest Advisors from this site. Avery has written a chapter in this book called Manifesting Wealth: Creating Financial Abundance Through Applied Thought.

Also purchase his CD entitled Create by Thought.

"A Session with Avery always empowers me. He so clearly understands and follows the metaphysical laws that he teaches, he inspires me to do likewise. When we have a session, I feel he is both friend and advocate, teacher and powerful healer. His no-nonsense approach to spirituality is both down-to-earth and refreshingly and uniquely his. When I am with Avery, I know my own power as creator.

J.L, Court Stenographer

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